Many people may not utilize the amazing facilities and the team we have in Mansfield, so we thought it would be important to spend some time talking to Shelter Director, Shannon, to find out what life at The Shelter is like. This will give an inside look for anyone considering entering shelter. The Shelter takes calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you call, you will be connected to a trained advocate, who will provide judgment-free support. You can also attend support groups for domestic violence and sexual assault.


sexual assault

Hotline calls: 800-931-7233

When they receive a call from a victim they will ask about the situation, after making sure you are in a safe environment to talk. You can give whatever information you are comfortable with giving. To learn more about calling a hotline, read.

The Shelter takes in domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking victims of any gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. They are available to speak with victims, survivors, abusers, and concerned friends/family. They do not discriminate on any basis and do not judge.



When you arrive:

An advocate will go through a checklist to determine your needs. You will be provided with sleeping arrangements, shower/bath, food, clothing, and other necessities. You can come with nothing and obtain support. The goal is to provide the most comfortable experience on an individual basis.

You will also be given a tour and a bedroom with three days to relax and get used to your surroundings. You receive a Welcome Package with bedding, a basket of essentials, information about victim’s rights, legal aid, and guidelines.


Support for you and children:

After you spend time getting used to the surrounding you will meet with a case manager. If you have children, they also have their own case manager who you will meet along with your case manager. The case manager is focused on creating a plan for personal goals, and safety. Their goal is not to tell you what to do, but rather help you with what you would like to do.

The child case manager will help with school, including obtaining supplies and bus transportation. They will also listen and provide support for your children who are often silent victims.

Safety planning is a top priority for everyone. There is also legal advocacy to assist with protection orders.



The Shelter is relaxing and quiet. They provide two living rooms, a room for teenagers with games and books, a room for young children with toys, a smoking area, a playground, and a kitchen.

You will have someone available to speak to you about anything at any time.

The experience is extremely individualized to provide the best environment possible, each advocate cares genuinely about providing this experience. You will not encounter violence, rudeness, judgments, or any other negative feedback.


Our newly remodeled kitchen    


There is also an Outreach Program if you decide not to leave the home, or when you make a move from The Shelter to a new home.

The Shelter does their best to assist in other areas, occasionally holding a resume building class, informing on any jobs or homes they find out about, providing bus tickets, transportation when possible for job and school interviews, a food box upon leaving, providing excess necessities if possible, and they are always taking suggestions on how to improve their services.



Contact The Shelter, 800-931-7233

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