Signs of Abuse


  • call you names or tell you that no one else would want you?
  • flaunt relationships or flirt with others while in your presence?
  • threaten to “punish you or teach you a lesson” if you misbehave?
  • force you to have sex even if you say “no”?
  • insult your family or friends?
  • blame you for everything that goes wrong?

DO I …

  • feel as though I am to blame and if I try harder that the abuse would stop?
  • like myself less than usual after being with my partner?
  • cover or make excuses for my partner’s behavior?


  • behave in cycles of tension building, followed by remorse?
  • keep guns, knives, or other weapons close at hand?
  • insist that you ask permission to spend money for household or personal items, whether the money is community fund or your own income?
  • If you answer yes to any of the following, please seek assistance. You can Contact Us.