Technology has shaped our society in many ways. A major way it has shaped society is through communication. We can reach people many ways using technology; we can call on our cell phone, text message, FaceTime, Skype, message through social media, email, share public /social media posts, comment on public/social media posts, and communicate through gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation. Even by just the click of a button, we can let someone know we “like”, “love”, etc. pictures, posts, articles, you name it. But all this advancement in communication has come at a price, it is also a new way to abuse others. We will discuss a few of the many ways people abuse with technology. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse you can contact The Shelter at 800-723-0000. In an emergency call 9-1-1.





We have covered stalking in a previous blog, that can be read here (link). But here we are getting more specific and talking about cyberstalking. It is pretty serious though people may make jokes, and can be very harmful to others. Here are a few ways people use technology to stalk:

  • Sending unwanted emails
  • Sending unwanted messages on social media
  • Using the social media to “checkup” on another person
  • Using GPS to monitor where a person is
  • Calling or texting a person against their wishes





Cyberbullying has begun to gain more attention in recent years, many people have seen that it can be extremely impactful as it has claimed the lives of teenagers. Here are ways technology can be used to bully:

  • Creating public posts threatening another person
  • Publicly sharing personal information about another person
  • Harassing on gaming platforms






Technology has also made public shaming easier, by allowing people to anonymously embarrass and humiliate others in various ways, such as:

  • Sharing sexual images of another person
  • Sharing sexual information about another person
  • Taking sexual images of another person without consent


There are many ways people have used technology to abuse others, these all have negative impacts on the people experiencing the abuse. The negative impacts include; depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, fear, and many others.




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