At The Shelter, we love self care! Taking the time out of your day or week to do something for yourself is important in your overall mental and physical health. Even if you only have 5-10 minutes of free time, there are still things you can do to take care of yourself.

Here is a list of our favorite self care activities:



It doesn’t have to be anything complex. Just taking the time to be with yourself can make a difference in your overall mental health. Here is a quick Yoga for self-care video if you aren’t sure what to do:


Any type of exercise gets your blood flowing and can naturally bring up your mood. It is recommended to be active at least 20 minutes 3 times a week to maintain your health, and avoid chronic illnesses.



If you don’t have any books to read at home, you can always visit the library:


Mini Vacations

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to take some time away from home, here is a list of free/inexpensive things to do around Ohio.


Art lover? There are many museums around Ohio that are free/inexpensive:


Toledo, entry is free but parking is approximately $7:

Cincinnati, entry is free:

Cleveland, entry is free:

Columbus, a collection of artistic bushes, flowers, and other plants, entry is free:

Columbus, Largest collection of materials for cartoons and comics, entry is free:

Discover how flight evolved on the Dayton Aviation Trail! Visit the Dayton Aviation Trail Visitors Center to get a brochure: if you visit enough places you can get a free Wilbear Wright Bear as a souvenir for your trip! Most of the trail sites are free.

While in Dayton, on the aviation trail visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force,, entrance and parking are free. They also offer free Wi-Fi.


You don’t even need to leave Mansfield to have a nice time away from home:


Element of Art, Free Art Gallery:

Mansfield Art Center, Free Art Gallery:

The Brickyard, Music and Entertainment, They also host First Friday and Final Friday, which are free events:

Gorman Nature Center, Free Park/Conservation Center to explore local nature:

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum, Museum for the little ones with interactive games, entrance is $8:

Malabar Farm, Go Hiking and learn around local history, entrance is free. You can pay $3 for a guided tour of the property, and $5 for a tour of the beautiful house:

Mansfield Fire Museum, Museum to learn about local history, entry is free:

Richland Carrousel, Carousel rides for the whole family! 1 ride is $1.00 per person, 6 rides are $5.00, 50 rides are $35.00:


Listening to music

Listening to music is one of The Shelter’s favorite kind of self care, it can help you get your mind off of stress, you can listen for free on: Pandora


Taking a bubble bath

If you don’t have bubble bath, that’s okay! You can improvise with body wash/soap.


Getting a massage / giving yourself a massage

Massages can be costly, or you may not have an hour free to go get one, view this video to learn how to give yourself a quick massage anywhere!


Getting a pedicure / giving self a pedicure

Good news, you don’t have spend a ton of money to have beautiful toes! View this video to learn how to give yourself a pedicure at home:

Getting a manicure / giving self a manicure

View this video to learn how to give yourself a manicure, using at-home products:


Watching Television

This is a great distraction that can help you get your mind off what is going on in life. If you don’t have cable you can check movies/shows out at the library.


Playing musical instruments

This is also a great distraction to get away from the chaos of life.


Playing with animals

Spending time with your pet can be exercise for both of you! This can also be done with your children if you have a hard time finding alone time.


Long phone calls with best friend

Sometimes you just need to talk things out to get them off your chest. What better way than to have a nice long chat with your best friend.


Cooking and/or Baking

This is time you can take to be with yourself in the kitchen, and your family may thank you for the goodies you create. You don’t need to be a professional chef or baker to create beautiful and tasty treats: Recipes


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