Sexual assault is a traumatic experience and can often leave long lasting scars for the survivor, continue below to read a list that covers only a few of the impacts of sexual assault on survivors.

At The Shelter we have a team of trained advocates to help survivors through the process of healing, they also do their best to raise awareness in the Richland County community, visit our Facebook Page to view our past awareness campaigns and to keep up with current campaigns. April is sexual assault awareness month, this past April the sexual assault team provided the Richland County 2016 statistics above.




Impacts of sexual assault

  • Long-term stress suppresses the immune system and can result in behaviors such as substance abuse.
  • Chances of an STI (sexually transmitted infection) is low, but a person should seek medical examination to be sure.
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Weight changes
  • Loss of sleep, interest in activities, and concentration.
  • Rick of pregnancy is low, but can happen (2-4%). Programs offer emergency contraception is the victim is seen within 72 hours of the assault.
  • Loss of sexual desire, inability to become sexually aroused.
  • Pelvic pain associated with sexual activity.
  • Lack of sexual enjoyment, fear of sex.
  • Physical injury is not common, but can happen.
  • Genital trauma is identified by medical examination, usually heals within 48 to 72 hours.
  • Self-blame, and thoughts of suicide.


If you have been impacted by sexual assault it is best to seek help. Remember, it is not your fault that you were assaulted. Click HERE to view our page about our sexual assault team and services. Contact 800-931-7233 to speak with an advocate at The Shelter. In an emergency dial 9-1-1.

Partners, family, and close friends can also be impacted. They may become overly protective, feel guilty for not protecting a loved one. It is common for the survivor to take their anger out on loved ones, they should be their best to be understanding and provide support.

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