While holidays are often just like any other day in terms of staying safe, there may be additional precautions you should take if you are a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault. View our holiday safety tips, and contact The Shelter 800-931-7233 for a personalized safety plan.

  1. Start a new routine.
  2. Meet with family and friends in new locations unknown to abusive partner
  3. Avoid shopping areas where you may unexpectedly see abuser.
  4. Avoid holiday parades where you may unexpectedly see abuser.
  5. Use a P.O. box address or no return address if sending out holiday cards.

Holiday season can be stressful, draining you mentally and physically. Do not forget to practice self-care, such as, taking an extra-long shower, reading inspirational quotes, doing light exercise, cooking, taking a mini-vacation, and spending time with loved ones. Visit our Pinterest page for more self-care ideas.

These are tips for safety and not intended to be used in place of a full safety plan. For a full and personalized safety plan please contact The Shelter, 800-931-7233

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